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16 Channel Standalone Surveillance
Digital Audio/Video Recorder

REAL –Time Monitor:

•  Single window / 4 windows/8 windows/16 windows monitor

Compression Method:

•  Multiple video compression modes: MPEG4 fixed, MPEG4 adjustable frame, MPEG2, MPEG1.
•  16 Channel Audio/Video real-time compression, independent hardware compression for each channel, stable synchronization of sound and image.


•  1-8 IDE – connected large capacity HDD inside, able 1-12 more HDD in outside extension case.
•  Alternate HDD working method, reduce the power consumption and heat emission.
•  Overwrite and stop modes dealing with HDD full-Covered situation.
•  Download the files on DVR to local PC through network or playback the records on DVR through network.


•  Support CD-RW drive to backup records onto CD
•  USB port to back up rcords.  

Play and Records:

•  Support multiplex operation: live monitor, record, search for downloading, one channel play-back, and remote transmission simultaneously.
•  Multiple recording mode: manual, timing, alarm, motion detection, among which alarm recording and motion recording are of pre-recording function
•  PIP or multi play-back modes: X2, X4, X12 fast play, X1/2, X1/4, X1/25 slow play and frame by frame playback.
•  Display the event happening time when play back through client software on local PC.
•  Display the data flux when monitoring through network.

Alarm Relay:

•  8 channel alarm input, video lost alarm and motion detection alarm.
•  Multi channel relay switch alarm output in order to realize quick alarm relay and on-spot light control
•  Protection circuit for alarm input and output to assure the intactness of the device.

Pan-Tilt Control:

•  Support the pan –tilt decoder using RS485 communication.
•  Able to integrate multiple decoding protocols so as to control various pan tilt and speed dome.

Communication connection port:

•  25-Pin port to realize alarm input and pan-tilt lens control.
•  RS232 port for the connection with modem for the telephone line connection, with keyboard for central control, or with the computer serial port for the system upgrading and preserving.
•  Standard Ethernet port for remote visit and control.

Network Operation:

•  Remote real-time monitor
•  Pan-tilt control
•  Records search and real-time play back (playback quality depends on network condition), backup downloading through network.
•  System setting modification and system software upgrading.
•  Remote alarm process and system log review
•  Embedded TCP/IP protocol and operation system support Web server direct visit to realize all the functions above.
•  Administration mode: Two levels user administration on local DVR, three levels users administration on network; password mode assures the legal user's login.



AMD ELANSC 520/133 embedded microprocessor

Operating system

Real-time operation system (RTOS)

Video input

16 channel (NTSC/PAL) BNC (1.0V P-P+ , 75 ?)

Video Output

1 channel PAL/NTSC, BNC (1.0V P-P+ , 75 ?) video signal or VGA display (optional connection equipment)

Audio input

16 Channel 20-300mv 1k ? (RCA)

Audio output

1 Channel output 20 300mv 1K? (RCA)

Video Display

1,4,16 windows display

Video Standard

NTSC (525 line, 60 f/s), PAL (625 line, 50 f/s)

System resource

Real-time recording, one channel playback and network real-time monitor simultaneous.

Image resolution

Real-time monitor 704x576, playback 352x288, VGA output 720x576

Motion detection

Area setting: 192 detection areas on the screen; detection sense setting: 3 levels detection sense for each area.

Video compression

MPEG-4 CBR (fixed frame rate) or VBR (variable frame rate) MPEG2

Audio compression


Image compression

Rate704x576CIF format, 352x288CIF format, 176x144QCIF format

Video recording speed

MPEG-4 real time mode: 1-30f/s adjustable(NTSC) or 1-25f/s adjustable(PAL)

Image quality

6 levels selectable

Hard disk Ins

ide equipped 4 IDE ports, able to expand with external HD case

HD space used

Audio: 14.4M byte/hour; video: 60 ~ 460M byte / hour

Records back-up

Models with RW installed with CD-RW inside and USB port

Alarm input

16 channel voltage alarm input (+5~+15V D.C. Needed for the alarm input)

Alarm Output

6 channel output, output in open/close contact
(the third channel is controllable + 12V output)

Alarm relay

24V 1A, or 220V 0.15A (relay output)

Modem connection

RS 232

Network Connection

RJ45 10M/100M Ethernet connection

Pan-tilt control




Power consumption


Working temperature

-10 O C --- +55 O C

Working humidity

-10% ---- 90%

Barometric pressure



2U Standard industrial case, 441 (breadth)x 430(depth)x89mm(height)




* All specifications are subject to change without notice

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