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Monitoring Over Mobile Cellular Phone

1/3" High Resolution DSP Color Camera Built-in Function


  • MPEG-4 is the next-generation, global multimedia standard, deliverign professional-quality audio and video streams over a wide range of bandwidths, from cell phone to broadband and beyond. The compression algorithms offer 10 x recording capacity on a standard HDD.
  • EMBEDDED LINUX is a derivative of the LINUX operating system. It is a free and stable OS platform for many applications. Here we use it in flash memory to prevent loss of data in the unlikely event of HDD failure.
  • SURVEILLANCE MONITORING is real-time at 480fps display and 120fps recording. A significant improvement on conventional systems.
  • EASY SETUP and single mouse operation avoids system malfunctions due to operator errors.
  • AUTO RECOVERY by automatic system boot with resumption of recording after 1 minute of power restoration.
  • SUMMERY. No software installation required. Extremely easy remote monitoring using a WEB browser and may connected to the Internet anywhere in world assuming you have access.
  • MULTI-TASKING Operations for display /recording /playback /remote operations.
  • MULTI-BACKUP. Solutions include removeable HDD,CD-R/RW, and Floppy.......
  • POWER MANAGE System auto recovery in one minute if power failure
  • UI User friendly interface for operation
Screen Division 1/4/9/16 displays
Video Input 4/8/16 BNC input connectors for camera
Storage PRO: 40/60/80/100/120/160 GB
PRO3: Hot-Swap RAIDS up to 240GB
PRO6: Hot-Swap RAIDS up to 600GB
OS 64MB Embedded Linux Operaion System in Flash ROM
Image Display Resolution NTSC 320 x 240, 640 x 480 pixels 480FPS
PAL 360 x 288, 720 x 576 pixels 480 FPS
Image Record Resolution NTSC 320 x 240 pixels
PAL 360 x 288 pixels
Image Record Speed 120 frames/sec per channel
Record Mode Continuous, Subscribe, Motion Detection
Image Record Quality 4 Quality levels, Low/Medium/High/Best
Image Record Method Cycle record mode
  Stop recording
Motion Detection Up to 6 areas Setup for each Channel
Image Search Method By Time / Date / CCD / Alarm / Label
Image Backup Floppy Diskette / USB Interface Storage / Network Storage / CD-RW
Remote Connection PSTN / LAN / Internet
Access Control System Admin / Local User / Remote User

* All specifications are subject to change without notice

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