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Metal Detector
Adams Electronis - AD 10-2 Metal Detetor

After many years of active service our "AD Series" hand held metal detectors have been operating relentlessly around the clock under some of the harshest working conditions. As a result of our uncompromising standards in manufacturing and design, Adams Electronics has a continuous development program in progress. The ongoing improvement of microchip technology has allowed us to constantly upgrade our "AD Series" detectors, maintaining our position at the cutting edge of modern technology. This kind of attention to detail has earned our products the respect of security professionals the world over, as the preferred choice of metal detector where superlative performance, durability and reliability are essential requirements.

Suitable for similar applications as our model AD10-2, with increased sensitivity to better than 0.1 grams detection mass. Model AD11-2 also has simultaneous audio/visual alarm facility, with the added ability, via a two-position rocker switch, to turn off the audio sounder, giving the operator a "visual only" alarm indication, for more discrete user-operation. This model has proven to be very successful for a wide range of applications including VIP searches, warehouse loss prevention security, nightclubs, courtrooms, police force applications and many more.

Features and Specifications

Length: 362mm. Width: 55mm. Height: 30mm
Weight: 262grms. including battery.
Sensitivity: Target size AD10-2 down to 0.1grms.

Operating temperature: -20C to +65C Storage temperature: -30C to +80C
Protection of unit against environmental conditions and waterproofing to IP64 (lEC 529)
Humidity: 98%

Tested and approved to EEC EN5008-1 Table 1. EN50082-1 Table 1:1.1 Radiated emissions
Conforms to international standards lEC, NILEC of FCC, FAA.
Medically tested and approved - No risk to persons with pacemakers.
Non interference to magnetic recorded material.

Battery condition constant monitoring. A prolonged alarm signals need to replace battery. When battery is exhausted a continuous audio/visual LED signal is produced.
Quiescent current: 3mA
Alarm current: 6mA

Alarm indication by means of piezo audio alarm and High intensity L.E.D.
Sound: Switchable on/off allowing discrete detection (AD11-2)

Battery inserted "cartridge" style - no wires or connectors for greater reliability.
No false alarms.
Battery: 9volt block battery can be either replaceable 9volt 550mA hours or optional rechargeable NiCad 180mA hours
Minimum pressure push button switch operation.
Minimum life 10,000,000 operations.
Instant response to all metals.

Size of target indication: At constant sweep speed: short digital pulse = small target. Long pulse = large target


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