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Products - Metal Detector

     Precision Powerful Metal Detector with Vibrator
   Instantly Locates Weapons, Paraphernalia and Dangerous Metal Objects

        No Calibrating, No Guessing, Pinpoints Weapons or Paraphernalia.

        Eliminates Need For Pat Downs or Long Inspections. Can Detect Needles, Razor Blades, Tiny Weapons                                              

        Features Adjustable Sensitivity Switch. Not Affected By High Humidity or Moisture. Wide Coverage Area. Durable Sturdy Case. Handy Cord and Belt Clip.

        Easy Access Battery Compartment. Vibrates for Discrete Detection

The Strongest & Most Economical Security Wand!

The Security Wizard is the most advanced and most powerful security wand available. It's powerful coils and state of the art electronics allow the unit to be used in high security applications where precise detection is critical. The Security Wizards powerful long-range coils and unique vibration capability allows the unit to be used without embarrassing or alarming patrons and suspects. The powerful scanning head allows for deep penetration of clothes, containers, and surfaces where dangerous or suspicious weapons or metals are concealed.

Technical Specifications: -
Dimensions: Length 15". Width 3-1/8", Height 1-1/8" Weight: 13 oz.
Types of Metal Detects: Responds equally well to all types of metal, steel, stainless steel, zinc, magnesium, and aluminum.
Electronics: Unit operates with an automatic tuning transmit/receive circuit. Provides precision detection pattern which helps prevent false alarms from rebar in floors and other surrounding metal.
Operating Frequency: 13 kHz / 6,600 Hz.
Power Requirements: One nine-volt battery; standard alkaline, Typical battery life is eighty hours.
Switch: On / off and stay on switch.
Alarm Indicators:
Piezo tone beeper and LED RED light indicator are used to indicate the presence of metal. Vibrates for Discrete Detection
Low Battery Indication: When battery drops down to 6.0 volts the unit operates with a warble tone and flashing light instead of the normal steady tone and light indicating a low battery. The unit will operate properly as the battery drops well below 5 volts. Once below 3 volts units will emit constant beep tone until unit shuts off.
Sensitivity: At maximum setting the unit will detect a medium pistol at 12", small pistol at 9", razor blade at 5", hatpin at 1". The detectors sensitivity is fully adjustable through an access hole in the handle to prevent tampering while providing convenient and easy adjustment.

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