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Mail and Package Detector
Handheld or Desktop Metal Detecting Mail Scanner

The Only Portable Detector Designed For Mail and Package Inspections

Instantly Locates Weapons, Paraphernalia and Dangerous Metal Objects.


  • Detects, knives, weapons, and small metal objects in mail                       
  • Pre-alert device for potential mail bombs detects triggering mechanisms
  • Scan all types of letters and small packages before opening
  • Helps detect triggering mechanisms
  • Can detect needles, razor blades, tiny weapons
  • Quickly scan packages up to 6" x 12" x any length
  • Features Adjustable Sensitivity Switch
  • Not Affected By High Humidity or Moisture
  • Scan multiple pieces of mail simultaneously
  • Loud audio alert and LED light
  • Durable Sturdy Case
  • Easy Access Battery Compartment
  • An affordable aid in the fight against terrorism
    Economical, reliable, easy to use

 Product Specs:                                                                                                              

DIMENSIONS: Length 14 1\4:height 11 1\8", width 4 7\8"
TYPES OF METAL DETECTED: Responds to all types of steel, stainless steel, zinc, Magnesium, aluminum, copper, brass etc.
ELECTRONICS: Units operates with an automatic tuning transmit\receive circuit.
Provides precision detection pattern to help prevent false alarms                
OPERATING FREQUENCY: 13 kHz\6,600 Hz                                                                         
     SENSITIVITY: Under ideal condition, the unit can detect metal objectives such as small a staple or paper clip, buried up to approximately 5" inside a type of package or a stack of mail


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